Multiplier Event 3 – 6th ICOACHKIDS International Conference 2022,  18th-19th November, Frankfurt, Germany): 
This event will serve as the project’s closing conference. The focus will be on the launching of MOOC #2: “Developing Effective Talent Development Environments” and the evaluation of iCoachKids+’s impact. A major objective of this conference will be to gather feedback from a broad range of European stakeholders in relation to the way forward post-ICOACHKIDS+. This event will also be used to strengthen the dissemination of iCoachKids+ at national level in Germany and neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland).


Multiplier Event 2 – 5th ICOACHKIDS International Conference (Oct/Nov 2021, Tubize/Brussels, Belgium):
this event will serve the purpose of launching MOOC #1: “Promoting and maximising sport engagement in adolescents and beyond”. This event will also be used to strengthen the dissemination of ICOACHKIDS+ at national level in Belgium and neighbouring countries (France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

Multiplier Event 1 – 4th ICOACHKIDS International Conference (December 2020, online conference): 
this event will serve the purpose of launching the outputs of the first year of the project. Specifically, the focus will be on the findings from the research phase including IO1, IO2 and IO3. This event will also be used to strengthen the dissemination of ICOACHKIDS+ at national level in Spain and neighbouring/related countries (Portugal, France and Italy). 

Transnational Project Meetings

  • Meeting 1 (Leeds, UK; LBU) – Kick Off Meeting – Project Management, Role Clarification and Research Initiation 
  • Meeting 2 (Madrid, Spain; UEM) – Research Update & Resource Development Planning 
  • Meeting 3 (Limerick/Dublin, Ireland; SI) – Research Findings Presentation & Resource Development Update 
  • Meeting 4 (Tubize/Brussels, Belgium; RBFA) – Resource Development Update & Launch of MOOC #1 
  • Meeting 5 (Budapest, Hungary; HCA) – Resource Development Update 
  • Meeting 6 (Frankfurt, Germany; DJS) – Launch of MOOC #2 and project evaluation and closure.