9th April 2020

The Future of Football – Part 1

Kris Van Der Haegen (Belgum FA)

Pete Sturgess (English FA)

22nd April 2020

To Play or Not to Play?

Owen Mooney (Dublin GAA)

Orlagh Farmer (University College Cork)

1st May 2020

Talent Development Systems:

Friend or Foe?

Professor Kevin Till

(Leeds Beckett University)

6th May 2020

The Future of Basketball: Part 1

Don Showalter (USA Basketball)

Jota Cuspinera

(Former Real Madrid & Spain)

13th May 2020

The Future of Football: Part 2

Kris Van Der Haegen (Belgum FA)

Pete Sturgess (English FA)

20th May 2020

Coaching Children with a Disability

Fiona Murray (Special Olympics)

Ken Black (The Inclusion Club)

3rd June 2020

Behaviour Change Tips for Coaches

Professor Jim McKenna

(Leeds Beckett University)

10th June 2020

Growth and Maturation in Youth Sport

Professor Joe Eisenmann

(Volt Athletics)

Dr Sean Cumming

(University of Bath)

24th June 2020

Climate Change in Youth Sport

Professor Nicolette Schipper-Van

Veldhoven (Windesheim University)

Professor Sophia Jowett

(Loughborough University)

15th July 2020

The Future of Basketball: Part 2

Don Showalter (USA Basketball)

Dr. Sergio Lara-Bercial

(Leeds Beckett University)

29th July 2020

The Power of Play

Amy Price (English FA)

Clare Daniels (English FA)

19th August 2020

Decision Making in Youth Sport

Dr Mike Ashford

(Coventry University)

Dr Andy Abraham

(Leeds Beckett University)

3rd September 2020

Strength & Conditioning in Youth Sport

Dr Stacey Emmonds

(Leeds Beckett University)

Dr Matthew Wright

(Teeside University)

9th September 2020

Transformational Leadership

in Youth Sport

Professor Jean Cote and

Dr Jennifer Turnnidge

(Queens University, Canada)

21st September 2020

Driving Continuous Development

in Youth Sport

Professor Gordon Bloom

(McGill University, Canada)

Professor Wade Gilbert (Fresno State, USA)

16th October 2020

The Impact of COVID

on Youth Sport

Discussion Panel with

Leading Experts

21st October 2020

Life Skills in Youth Sport

Professor Dan Gould and

Dr Karl Erickson

(Michigan State University)

Dr Scott Pierce (Illinois State University)

28th October 2020

TGfU in Youth Sport

Dr David Piggott and

Dr Ruan Jones

(Leeds Beckett University)

8th March 2021

Women in Coaching

International Women’s Day 2021

Expert Panel